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But on Day 1 of the promo trip here in Tokyo, I was settling in at Studio Ghibli, getting ready for my first interview, when the Producer of the film, Yoshiaki Nishimura, came in and asked, “Are you ready to meet Miyazaki-san right now?”  And that was that!  Moments later, we were walking to Miyazaki-san’s office (a beautiful wooden house, on a quiet, completely unassuming street in a residential neighborhood).  Before I even had time to register what was happening, there was Miyazaki-san, standing in the doorway, inviting us in.  We shook hands, and I bowed as much as I could, and said the 3 phrases I memorized  in case I should ever meet him.  Then we sat down at his work table and talked so casually about a project he just finished for a Nutcracker exhibition, about the kids at the Nursery next door who come over and run around his office (He built a beautiful Nursery next door, for the Ghibli Staff members’ children), about the 200 year old tree outside.  I say we talked “casually”, but really I didn’t say too much.  There is just too much I would say, or too many dumb things I would ask.  I didn’t want to embarrass myself or bother him, hehe… so mostly I just listened and smiled and laughed.  I’ll never forget our meeting though, and the calmness I felt there.
- Priscilla Ahn

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