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Okay.. So anyone that follows me know that this week I have been diving into feminism and other issues. 

I have been kinda disgusted by what I have seen. and I have come to this conclusion. 
We Don’t need feminism.
We don’t need Men’s Rights Activist.
We don’t need pro-choice.
We don’t need pro-life.
We don’t need conservative.
We don’t need liberal.

We need to learn to bloody respect and acknowledge everyone and treat them the way we want to be treated. 
I don’t even understand this bullying, disrespect and the hate that I have seen from every pair of opposing groups on tumblr and this might just be the hippie in me talking but it needs to stop. 
Im most talking to the feminist,anti feminist and, MRA’s but this goes for everyone. 

Everyone’s thoughts and opinions are important. 
You listen to them. You respect them. 
Even if you think they are crazy. Stupid etc. 
You respect your fellow human beings. 
I was mostly surprised at the feminist and MRAs 

The disrespect and hate between these groups is sad. 
Two groups of amazing individuals acting completely like children. 
The name calling and the hate is a shame. 
I mean isn’t the thing now “What do you call a women who has a lot of sex? Her name”
The rule goes for people that have different opinions than you. 
What do you call them?
There name!!!
Not crazy, Not stupid, Not retarded, Not evil, Not a baby, Not a loser, Not pathetic! Their name. 

Also hate is not joke. 
Disrespect isn’t funny.
Poking Fun at someone experiences, thoughts and feelings is boarderline bullying.
Offer them respect. Even if they are wrong.
Treat them correctly.

Both groups are fighting for what they think is right.
That in itself if noble.
I can’t believe people that say they are for equality belittle and slander others just because they have a view that is different from them. 
That is wrong.
That is not equality.
How can you scream for equality and respect. When you are so unable to give it yourself. 

 So that’s my take on the movements for equal rights. 
I think that fight it too soon.
You guys can’t even respect each other.

But yeah.
Have a good new year 

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